I have recently begun working with a very few trusted companies to license some of my artwork designs. 

I work closely with my current business partnerships and would like a personal working relationship with any new companies.  This is because in the past I have had negative experiences with illegal sharing and reproduction of my designs.

Specific measures are now in place to avoid this such as:

  • Slight hidden alterations on designs - this is how I keep track of where illegal image source file sharing originates from. 
  • Contracts - I have unfortunately had to take legal action in the past and am well aware of the process. It's not something I like to do but will do it if needed. 
  • Companies are known to urge artists to send more and more designs because the work they provided 'is not selling well'. I have been in the industry long enough to now know, my artwork sells well, very well! 

Please do not contact me in regards to licensing if you have the intention of deceiving me by illegally distributing my designs without correct payments of royalties.  

The benefit of working with Bella and Bella's Art Studio:

  • I am open to expanding my design line depending on which theme you are selling most.
  • I am happy to help you to optimise sales if needed - I can help perform data analysis if needed.  I have done this before where I have performed sale analysis to determine painting popularity and performance depending on location/month. Also keeping track of sales growth to ensure we are working in the right direction. This has really helped some businesses with logistics and preparation for popular months, determining which designs to print more of and which locations to stock up on. This information also helps me to create more designs similar to the ones which are performing best in the market.

If you would like to increase your print sales and believe we are aligned in our values of honesty and trust, I would be open to hearing from you. :)

Please email me at