City Life, New York | Acrylic AUS
City Life, New York | Acrylic AUS
City Life, New York | Acrylic AUS

City Life, New York | Acrylic AUS

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City Life, New York - Acrylic Mounted Print

Bella's Favourite Product - Stunning, luxurious and unique.

''City Life, New York' is a modern design with beautiful strokes of movement depicting the hustle and bustle of the New York streetscapes. The grand painting features the Empire State Building. This design came out so captivating, it makes a beautiful centre piece'

I wanted to source something special as an alternative to my original paintings. Finally.. a product that surpasses my super high expectations! These are not comparable to other prints, they are their own unique product with a quality so different and striking, they really stand on their own as a statement piece!

*This is an Australian produced product.. for international enquiries please click here for Acrylic Glass Worldwide.*

Gallery Quality Best Seller

  1. Crystal Clear Acrylic Mounting - 6mm thick Acrylic Mount.
  2. Colour Accuracy and Clarity - Luminous colours with maximum depth effect.
  3. Sturdy Metal Backing Frame - Delivered ready to hang and with hanging kit.
Acrylic Glass Bella's Art Studio

 What is Acrylic Mount?

Acrylic mounting is often referred to Acrylic "Glass" because that is what it looks like. However it is important to know that it is *not* glass, it is acrylic.  Therefore making this product light, shatterproof and resistant to temperature fluctuations. 

This premium design is an aluminium print with acrylic mount over the top. The properties of the aluminium print are intensified when it is mounted under glossy acrylic, which highlights the vivid colour and enhances the impression of depth.

It is a contemporary alternative to traditional framing.  The frameless floating effect is contemporary and slim, and has a classic modern look for homes, offices and galleries. 

Care Instructions:
This product is a high grade plastic and plastics can react with some chemicals. Please remember to use only a soft microfibre cloth to clean. Can add water if needed.


Bella's recommendation for sizes: These products have been sourced from a premium Australian supplier who values quality as much as I do.  Therefore in order to receive maximum value for your purchase, I recommend you consider the size listed or larger. The size listed on this page is a similar size to the original painting.

For larger custom size enquiries, please contact Bella directly.


Delivered Ready to Hang!

A specially constructed hidden metal frame is attached to the back of our Acrylic Float Frames, giving the acrylic its strength and is the means of hanging. We supply a hanging bracket that mates to the frame. Hanging with this system is secure.

More details

System builders call it “Split Battens”.  Where there is one loose bar (supplied – it will be held & interlocked to back already – often held in with green temporary tape)

This loose bar will need to be screwed onto the wall ( With Lip UPWARDS) – & once fixed to wall – the Acrylic float frame slots onto lip.

I would recommend getting this product professional hung.



  • Made to Order - Please allow 15 days for manufacturing and delivery of this item.
  • Delivered by courier-  this product comes packaged thoroughly and securely. If product is damaged in any way, please take photos of the *Packaging BEFORE opening, and also of the damaged item*