Surrender and Flow - Hand Painted
Surrender and Flow - Hand Painted

Surrender and Flow - Hand Painted

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Surrender and Flow ~ Hand Painted Artwork over Print

"In a masculine world of processes and structure, I decided to take a leap into the realm of feminine energy.. experiencing true surrender to divine guidance, and letting it shape my external reality around me.  This painting is significant to this shift in consciousness."

A hand painted artwork over print designed and created with love, by Isabella Karolewicz (Bella).


  • Hand painted acrylic artwork on printed background.
  • Accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist.
  • Delivered stretched, ready to hang for Australia, or rolled in a tube for international orders.


In order to receive maximum value for your purchase, I recommend you consider the sizes listed or larger.  It takes me very similar amount of time to work on smaller works compared to larger works, hence why I always recommend a larger size to get more value for your purchase. :) If you need a specific size, please don't hesitate to contact me directly and we can work something out together.


What is a Hand Painted Artwork on Print?

These hand painted prints are original artworks over a printed background. The background (Digital image of an acrylic pour painting) is printed onto 100% museum grade cotton canvas, and the figure over the top is created and painted by the hands of me, Bella! 

With this specific acrylic pour style, means that there can only be one original painting. as each pour is unique and random, I can never recreate the same figurative design over a different acrylic background.   As my original artwork pieces continue to appreciate in value, I have created this series of "hand painted artworks over prints" to bridge the gap between my originals and prints. Allowing my artworks to be more accessible at affordable prices.  At the same time allowing me to utilise the backgrounds for multiple original designs on top.  

Ordering Process:

These acrylic hand painted artworks over prints are made to order as production process has many steps:

  1. Add to Cart and process order.
  2. Once I receive the order I will prepare the 100% cotton Museum Grade canvas for printing and will print the background design using the highest quality archival inks.
  3. Once this has dried I will sketch the design and proceed with my creation process of painting the figure.  Each design may slightly vary as I am intuitively painting freehand.
  4. Once the paint has had some time to fully dry, I will apply a final varnish to ensure the longevity of the piece, which will protect the painting for over a lifetime. 
  5. (Australian Orders) The print will go to the framers where it will be stretched and prepared for hanging. Then I will package and prepare the painting for delivery and organise a courier to personally deliver to your doorstep.
  6. (Worldwide Orders) I will roll the canvas only, up in a tube and package safely preparing for international freight.  The canvas will not be stretched as international postage costs are unreasonable for these products. Feel free to message me directly if you have any concerns. :)

When can you expect delivery?

  • It will be an approximately 6 week wait time to receive your painting. This is mainly because of the long wait times for framers here in Australia.
  • If you are an international order, delivery would be sooner.