Vishuddha Unleashed
Vishuddha Unleashed

Vishuddha Unleashed

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Vishuddha Unleashed

"Vishuddha" the fifth energy centre located at the throat, represented by the colour blue.  In Sanskrit this word means 'especially pure'. It represents expression and effective communication. Sometimes this energy centre can become unbalanced if we do not freely communicate and express our truth, needs and opinions.. I feel this painting brings awareness to these areas.

It has been created and infused with reiki energy to support connection with inner truth!


Size: 110.5cm x 68.3cm
Medium: Oils
Frame: No frame 

• Accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist.
• Delivered stretched and framed, ready to hang
• Shipping available only within Australia. Please enquire with Bella if you are inquiring internationally.

An original painting designed and created with love, by Isabella Karolewicz (Bella).